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Sales copywriting master class

After this conversation-starting course you'll be ...

  • Provoking conversations with decision-makers using mental triggers.
  • Sequencing messages so leads self-qualify faster.
  • Standing out in customers' inboxes using proven tactics from our clients.
  • Feeling good about prospecting.

Spark Selling method success principles

You will leave armed with a 3-step conversation-starting process—whether you're sending one-to-one (e.g. C-level targets) or one-to-many (campaign style) emails.

Updating the way you think about sales copywriting will improve the way you apply it. You'll discover a refreshingly effective method to research targets, copywrite & speak to them using mental triggers. You'll also take-away an unusually effective way to use templates.

We get started with Jon, a Sr. Director of Business partnerships targeting healthcare organizations with a software as a service offering. We restructure first-touch (cold) email/InMail & voicemail messages to spark curiosity in prospects... increasing conversations. 

Scaleable ways to provoke conversation

You will leave this workshop clear on how current messages may be sabotaging—and specific copywriting (re-write) suggestions to provoke conversations. 

Jeff & Jed help three different sellers diagnose & strengthen email provocations. Watch over our shoulders. We put under-performing email messages under a microscope—dissecting weaknesses and strengths.

Next, we explore ways to strengthen—so they grab attention, spark curiosity and provoke response. Even with status quo prospects. That's the power of provocative sales copywriting.

Effective message cadence, sequencing & qualifying

You'll leave this workshop able to effectively sequence messages beyond the first touch. 

Provocative "first touch" messages are essential. But follow-up cadences are essential to success. You'll discover why most email sequences fail to provoke discussions and what to do instead. You'll take-away the best message cadence formula and how to qualify prospects using follow-ups.

Whether you're sending 1-to-1 (C-level) or 1-to-many campaigns, you'll leave with a scaleable approach. You'll leave with everything needed to guide prospects through the decision-making process—helping them self-qualify or disqualify from the buying journey. 

This training session features two very different sellers being coached.

Change facilitation:
Sell more by slowing down

Customers will buy. But only when they commit to change and have a way to manage it. Trouble is, we often start selling too early—asking questions to help close-the-deal. (instead of helping clients manage change)

These sales-biased questions will sabotage you.

You'll leave this sales copywriting course with a set of neutral (change-focused) questions to help buyers realize "I need this change"—if and when they do. 

You'll have a set of provocative, question-based copywriting tools to apply immediately. This is future-proof sales copywriting training on steroids!

What's inside the course

  • Insights on what's working from Jed, Jeff & a diverse group of sales pros.
  • "Before & after" examples of email/voicemails being strengthened to provoke.
  • Four, 90-minute video replays of interactive coaching workshops.

Your investment: $997

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Account Executive, BA Insight

"My follow-up response rate went from 20% to 80%. Thanks for showing me such a simple way to get response from prospects and move them toward closing faster."

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Your coaches

sales copywriting course

Jeff Molander

Managing Partner

Jeff is a successful entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network and global digital agency, Performics as VP, Sales & Marketing. He has served as adjunct professor of digital marketing at Loyola University and is a sales copywriting trainer to small business and corporate audiences across the globe. But mostly he likes to go fishing! 

sales copywriting course
sales copywriting course

Jed Fleming


Jed will show you new ways to start executive/C-level discussions. He knows how they make decisions. It's been his passion for 25 years. Jed's research-based technique is his secret weapon. Recently, he was Sr. Demand Gen Advisor at a large IT outsourcing firm and has expertise selling into Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, retail, healthcare, telcom, manufacturing and Federal sectors.

Results delivered

sales copywriting course
sales copywriting course


Jeff, I would not have invested if I had not been convinced you were not a charlatan. I have tried a few other sales copywriting platforms and have been very disappointed, even from relatively well-known people. The quality of the content at Bronze Academy level helped me decide. Your techniques made me think "huh, I've never thought about it that way and it makes sense" which provoked me to want to know more. 

My outreaches went from around 25% response rate to 80%. Mind you, not all of those are positive. But I am getting engagement from C-Suite execs who my managers had been targeting for years, to no avail. I can confirm the method works across cultures (with some adjustments) as 75% of my prospects are non-native English speakers in Europe and Latin America. (it works in Spanish as well!)

Pablo Levi - International Program Dev Mgr., Juran Benchmarking

sales copywriting course


When it came time to decide which program to invest in I hesitated. 

There are many sales copywriting programs online. Yours stood out because you aren’t just some blogger providing templates.

You are providing understandable roadmaps to success – based on what's currently working. I invested because because you're presenting what other people are doing to achieve success. You're not just some journalist writing posts on it. Your content (and personal touch) brings great value to a person in my field. These are big players and big accounts. I’ve never had an issue with closing, just need to hook the client.

Laura Goldberg - Broker, Real Estate Hospitality Group, Alliant

sales copywriting tips


I sent your follow-up InMail template to 59 prospects -- and got 22 responses. 

As a result, I'm talking with 8 potential buyers. I also received 5 referrals to other contacts within the target company. Thanks Jeff.

Jeff Eskow Account Executive, LinkPoint 360

sales copywriter


You offer sales copywriting tips, insights and experience I don't see coming from anyone else. I've followed all the others. But I'm sticking with Jeff over the years.

Investing in your service is valuable because you help me fortify my own experiences, recommendations to clients. You give good ideas about how to provoke curiosity. You also give contrarian views about how to sell more by selling less.  I especially like your focus on what's working now.  Unlike other sales copywriters, you told me to keep changing what you in cold outreach... because buyers stop responding to 'tricks' they've seen overused. It's a constantly shifting game of cat and mouse.

David Vranicar - CEO, Redwell B2B 

sales copywriting course


Within a few days I received more responses to emails and even set an appointment. It was fun to combine your psychology with my own strengths. Thanks guys!

Samantha Coombs - Procuri Ltd. 

sales copywriting training


I'm earning an 80% email reply rate from C-suite customers thanks to your technique.

David Vey - Customer Success Manager, Microsoft

copywriting for sales reps


I’ve hired a lot of consultants. You are the first to quickly grasp my business and target buyer.

I love how you suggest tactics that work and strengthen my style. That's why I'm continuing to work with you, Jeff. I'm finding new ways to start and re-start conversations with senior Fortune 500 call center executives. Thanks so much.

Nick Jiwa - CEO, CustomerServ

We're not here to teach you—we're here to explain, guide and support your effort.

Do you know why most sales copywriting courses don't deliver results? Because they don't help you communicate in ways that get customers asking questions. 

Having an effective conversation-starting technique is all that matters today.

How committed are you to your success? If you’re ready to take the next step to understanding what other successful sellers already know about conversation-starting methodology—that most aren’t aware of—then it’s time to enroll in this workshop.

Click above to get started. Let's start strengthening your sales copywriting tactics.

We look forward to help you start more conversations.

Have any questions about making this investment? Just ask!

With your success in mind,

copywriting course

Jed Fleming

copywriting course for sales reps

Jeff Molander

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