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Core Belief & Mission

We believe:

A seller's success is determined by ability to effectively communicate.
A teacher must be a life-long student of students.
Best practices are weak, next (emerging) practices are strong.
Communications Edge exists to study, invent and share effective sales communication strategies. We transform average sellers into confident, highly-skilled communicators.

Jeff Molander and CE's customers are addicted to understanding what makes people want to engage in conversations with strangers. We help our members get attention of decision-makers, spark their curiosity -- create and forward conversations and add 'high probability' opportunities to pipeline.

sales communication coach

Philosophy & Manifesto

Persuasive strategies are killing sales outreach. There is a new way.

Helping the persuadable to persuade themselves.

We strive to be conscious of how we communicate, always with excellence in mind. Forming new habits is difficult. Thus, our members are committed to shared objectives and behavioral science concepts.

Consider reviewing and signing our Manifesto. Get involved!

sales communication coach


A minority of sales & marketing pros refuse to be average communicators. We are the company they choose to practice exceptional skills.

Communications Edge Inc. was founded by Jeff Molander in 1997. He is a coach and creator of the Spark Selling™ communication methodology—a curiosity-driven way to start and advance conversations. When he's not working you'll find him hiking, fishing and with his family.

In 1999, Jeff co-founded what became the Google Affiliate Network and Performics Inc. where he helped secure 2 rounds of funding and built the sales team. He's been selling for over 2 decades.


Dante Fabro gives our customers and internal team everything needed to stay focused, on-task, effective and successful. He gives us an organizational, marketing & customer support edge.

Dante brings experience in technology and construction in his past, with a degree in CIS. He is experienced with LinkedIn and lead generation, customer service and computer technician support.

When he's not directly supporting others you'll find Dante facilitating discussions in our member Forum -- and provoking thought on CE's LinkedIn company page.

In his downtime, Dante loves building and working on computers. He's always fascinated by the troubleshooting and repairing of his devices. Even more, Dante loves the sport of Football and regularly monitors his favorite leagues (EPL and La Liga).

Communications Edge

We are member driven.

Spark Selling™ is a group practice, innovation lab. We do not sell a program.

Through Spark Selling™ academy, members draw practical wisdom from a community of researchers and practitioners. We are life-long learners dedicated to practicing, and inventing innovative ways to communicate.

The academy is for you if you want to:

  • Start thinking differently about sales
  • Eliminate weak thinking & habits
  • Be held accountable to improve
  • Practice with colleagues