Using LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting

Our seller community is using LinkedIn for sales leads and prospecting with pretty good success. Below are links to the best, most practical resources for learning how to use LinkedIn for sales.

Remember: Generating more (and better) leads requires getting prospects off of social media and on the phone. Explore the below guide to LinkedIn and learn the truth.

Much of what we are discovering goes against conventional wisdom. Increasingly, "best practices" are not.

Tactics & Templates

Don't cancel Sales Navigator until you read this

The 1 Way to Always Get an Appointment on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Leads Strategy: How I Generated 94+ Leads in 1 LinkedIn Post

How to Write an Effective InMail: 7 Proven Templates

3 of the Best InMail / Email Subject Lines I’ve Found

LinkedIn Sales Navigator IS Worth it … IF …

LinkedIn Summary Examples for Sales Pros (that work)

Is InMail Worth It? (how to decide)

Do NOT use LinkedIn Connection Requests (here’s why & what to do instead)

LinkedIn Profiles for Sales Pros: How to Spark More Leads

How to Write LinkedIn Posts that Provoke Leads

Free courses

Profile Writing Coaching

CHEAT SHEET: How to Pick the Best Social Selling Training

VIDEO: How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn Groups

InMail & Sales Navigator

How to Increase LinkedIn InMail Response Rate in 5 Steps

LinkedIn InMail Best Practice: Don’t Ask for the Meeting

Don't cancel Sales Navigator (until you read this)

Cold Email Prospecting: Cutting Through the B.S.

The Best InMail Messages do This to Create Response

LinkedIn InMail Prospecting: A template for success

Why your InMail template doesn’t work (and how to fix it)

Training & Courses

InMail & Email Writing Clinic

Creating Leads with LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups for Lead Generation: 3 Lessons Learned (that got me leads)

VIDEO: A Better way to Generating Leads with LinkedIn Groups

Linkedin Groups: Deciding if They’re Worth Your Time

Best Practices for LinkedIn Groups (and Managing Spam Effectively)

Small Business

How LinkedIn Brought $72,000 in Sales for a Small Business

How Much Time You Invest in LinkedIn is Irrelevant to Results

Want to achieve exceptional results with LinkedIn? Dedicate yourself to NOT using it like everyone else. Success is as easy as blazing your own trail and not following the pack. So where to start?

Today, start using LinkedIn to:

  1. Answer: Answer your target customers’ common, everyday questions in ways that bring them toward your product.
  2. Provoke: Design interactions with prospects in ways that get them to ask you for MORE answers relating to their ultimate goal.
  3. Exchange: Provide comprehensive answers and solutions to prospects in exchange for their email address and/or other qualitative information.

These are the proven, effective strategies I discovered from small business owners and sales reps while researching my book. I apply them every day. Today, I’m using LinkedIn for sales and zooming my sales training business. And you can too! Let me know about how you’re using LinkedIn for sales leads and prospecting below in comments.

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