sales outreach strategy

by Jeff Molander, Conversation Enablement Coach, Speaker & Founder at Communications Edge Inc.

Andy Renk speaks candidly about a new sales outreach strategy he's put to work in his business. 

The following was originally published as a podcast on his program, Look what Andy Found

Today, I'm going to share with you a system that will help you start sales discussions faster with more confidence and get more results.

A couple of weeks, weeks ago, I stumbled upon this website that completely blew me away. They teach sales people how to start an advanced conversations faster and in a way that is more confident and will get more results.

I've been applying this to my own business and the results so far have been tremendous. So I want to share that as my tip for the day.

It's not really so much of an app, but more of a learning platform and education platform, if you will.

Sales outreach strategy

Andy Renk of ThoughtCloud Digital

Sales outreach using brain science

So if you're in sales or business development or a sales development rep, this website is for you. We've all seen the crappy email that you get every single morning. That's just a laundry list of stuff from somebody you don't know and it's just hard to read and you just, it's like Charlie Brown's teacher in the background wha-wha-wha-wha... and you just hit that delete button to get rid of it.

What I love about the approach here is that it's all rooted in brain science.

The idea is to use certain types of words to get people to act. But not only that, the approach is completely different. 

You know a lot of people just, they go out and they find templates online and they copy and paste and it's kind of monkey see monkey do. That doesn't really work for a variety of reasons.

A: Because everybody else is doing it and B: just because the way that it's written it will not get a response and people are going to delete that email as soon as it hits their inbox.

Picking the best outreach strategy

When it comes to creating outbound email campaigns, you can take three approaches. 

  1. You can do a tailored one to one completely personalized approach, which is obviously the best strategy. It has the least risk, but it's obviously much more effort to do that.
  2. There's also a targeted strategy, which is one to many that's more generalized.
  3. And then finally, which this is what you see everywhere is the one to many template that is just canned to garbage, which is high risk and obviously less effort. 

Most people being lazy, they pick #3.

So what I've found in studying this for a couple of weeks is it depends on what your target prospects look like. If you're going after a small group of people that C-level type people, then maybe the tailored approach is right for you. 

Crafting the best outreach message (for you)

What I've found is doing a targeted kind of hybrid where you're doing some personalization yet you've got templated (common, shared or "tokin") components.

While it does take more time, once you have the software stack in place and a system, you can jam through those pretty quickly. 

So once you have that flywheel going, you can generate those conversations pretty quickly and on an ongoing basis. The whole idea is to start a conversation with someone. It's not to try to sell somebody on that first email. And the way that they write is to provoke a response. 

A different tactic: Provocation works

The copy creates an urge to act and obviously that is what this is all about. We simply want someone to raise their hand and start a small micro conversation if you will. That can be done through email. 

I guess it could be done through Linkedin as well, but you're just getting them to raise their hand to learn more about what you do. The other thing that they teach is to be brief, blunt, and basic in your emails. 

And remember everybody is so busy. Just look at yourself. I know for me, I don't have time to sit there and read emails. I mean you literally have a matter of seconds to get someone's attention when they open that email. 

So the whole approach is just to be as brief and blunt and basic as you can to get the point across.

A different tactic: Provocation works

I could go on and on about this, but I won't! The best thing is for you to head on over to this site and check it out. 

The name of this website is and this is sales outreach, training, copy-writing, the process, everything. And it's a subscription model. So it's a membership type of a thing with where you have access to videos and cheat sheets and downloads and there's a community, the memberships are super, super inexpensive and the value that you get out of this is unbelievable. 

They actually have a low cost account which you get access to some of their basic templates and that's a great way to just dive in and experience what this is it. 

I guarantee you you'll want to buy one of the other more advanced memberships cause you get so much value out of this whole thing. Head on over to check it out and let me know what you think.

In 1999, I co-founded what became the Google Affiliate Network and Performics Inc. where I helped secure 2 rounds of funding and built the sales team. I've been selling for over 2 decades.

After this stint, I returned to what was then Molander & Associates Inc. In recent years we re-branded to Communications Edge Inc., a member-driven laboratory of sorts. We study, invent and test better ways to communicate -- specializing in serving sales and marketing professionals.

I'm a coach and creator of the Spark Selling™ communication methodology—a curiosity-driven way to start and advance conversations. When I'm not working you'll find me hiking, fishing, gardening and investing time in my family.

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