Justin Cromer's Experience with a Different Kind of Sales Communication Trainer

“I really believe in the approach, the thought behind it and going into a community where everyone can exchange ideas."

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Justin Cromer is a Director of Sales at Event Management Solutions Group with a long history of sales experience.  We interviewed him about his experience with Spark Selling Academy to determine how a different kind of sales conversation training helped him get responses from prospects and get real results--and why it's different than all the other sales communication training out there for starting conversations with prospects.

B: When you decided to consider working with Jeff, what were the one or two factors that would have prevented you from investing?

J: Prevented me?

B: Yes

J: That’s a good question...a great question.  Probably a huge factor for everyone is just overall cost.  You’ve gotta be able to see the value that is behind a cost put out there.  I feel like the cost is more than appropriate. The second thing…There’s just so much noise out there with sales trainers. And so many people who keep trying to do the same things just in a slightly different way. Trust is a huge consideration. If I didn’t feel the teachings were actually fresh and new I would not invest. Jeff offers more of a community approach, as compared to “I’m going to tell you to do something…  and it may not be the tactic I am actually doing myself” type thing. The over-arching concept there is just trust. If I didn’t have the trust, it definitely would have prevented me from going forward.

B: So then what did you find as a result of investing in Jeff’s advice?

J: I stopped trying to win people over with just pushing so much information on them.  There’s just so much noise, and taking a different approach to that...like let’s just really talk about some things, right?  And more importantly like...challenging yourself.  

So instead of taking the easy route and templating things and doing the stuff that everybody has been doing for ages...like, challenging yourself to think about them differently and communicating differently.  Because utilizing the teachings and the strategies involved with what Jeff teaches is not easy. It’s not easy.  

I just actually had an interaction with one of my reps just a little bit before I got on this call, and we spent 15 minutes trying to think of a new, fresh approach to reach out to a certain individual in a certain vertical, and I think it’s those moments, and that’s so critical in today’s day and age to take a second to think about it and to approach it differently because that’s really the only way you’re going to get through to people and get results.

I truly believe in it.  I truly do. Like, I really believe in the approach and the thought behind it and even, you know, going into a community where everyone can exchange ideas, and we’re never going to stick with something...you know, it’s eventually going to stop working, so to iterate--to you know, come up with different ways--I’ve been in sales in 20 plus years, and I’ve learned that it always changes...it keeps you on your toes, and anyone that tries to deny that change or doesn’t adapt along the way, they fall out of the profession and don’t realize success.

I’m very excited to move forward and to work even more in-depth with Jeff and my team here.

B: And thank you so much for taking the time today.  I really appreciate this.

J:  Yeah, no worries.  Let me know how I can help in any other way.  I’m happy to.

B:  Perfect, so I’m going to put you on my follow-up list.  I’m going to follow up with you in a month, and I want to see where you’re at, because I’m in this with you.

J:  Yeah, that’d be great.  If, in my head it’s going to pan out the way that I really truly believe it will, we are going to be kicking some major ass over here, and I can’t wait to make it happen.

B: Awesome!

J: Alright, take care.

B: Bye

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