There are few social media sales examples better than HubSpot. This (now) famous software start-up exploded onto the scene in 2006. Two years later they hit $2.2 million in sales and $52 million 4 years later. How? Blogging in a way that moves prospects’ needles. They change prospects’ success rates before asking for money. Here’s how you can adopt their unusually effective approach to social media for sales in your business.

HubSpot doesn’t suffer from lack of visitors to their blog. They don’t struggle to convert visitors to sales leads. They just do things their way—and watch competitors struggle to keep up. Oh, and they create new catch-phrases (“inbound marketing”) that create clear distinction in what “that new way” really means.

What makes the difference: How they think

What is their secret? Why are they at the top of my list of social media sales examples?

It has to do with how they think about social media. They sell vastly more than their competitors because they invest in prospects before they buy.

Not just by offering free trials of software. You see, HubSpot creates results for prospects before they buy. This fosters hunger for their products. By teaching prospects important, new skills and solving big problems for them (for free) HubSpot gets prospects confident in themselves.

This rubs off on HubSpot as trust.

HubSpot creates enough trust that prospects either ask them for the sale OR convert to customers at a higher rate when given the opportunity.

That’s how they apply blogs and social media to get leads and sales—better than nearly anyone else these days.

What HubSpot does (that you should too)

From start-ups to large corporations we’re all creating value by cranking out content—blogs, videos and white papers. Yet most are failing to create enough value to generate sales. Why? How can HubSpot be so good at it?

How are they creating so much value for customers while everyone else struggles?

This company manufactures and shares honestly new and powerful insights—liberally. Also, HubSpot gets a LOT of attention from qualified customers (more often) because they shut up until they have something NEW to say. And when that happens look out. HubSpot is so good at this they all but own a new form of marketing that successful online marketing pros (their customers) claim a stake in: “inbound marketing.”

For example, HubSpot is first to release guidebooks their target market needs to create success. When something changes in online marketing HubSpot is there with a guide to exploiting that change.

They share the best advice, fast and have earned a reputation as THE educational resource for the market they serve. They give knowledge and advice (content) away free and make sure it’s the very best stuff possible.

► ► Can this make a difference in your business? It sure can.

More reasons to mimic HubSpot in your social selling

HubSpot does their homework. They know simple yet VITAL bits of information. Like how their target market searches on Google.

HubSpot focuses social media on solving customers’ problems as a way to earn leads. This is ESSENTIAL for you to focus on when writing blog titles and articles. Right now, ask yourself… what pressing problem do I solve? What pain do I remove? What pleasure do I create? What freedom do I permit? What connection do I allow? I discuss this in more detail in this free blogging for lead generation course.

HubSpot is very focused on creating response with social media—and using that response to capture sales leads. Their videos and blog posts are designed to create “ah-HA’s” for prospects—moments of clarity that create urges within them. Are yours? Use short success stories to illustrate and PROVE you know how to create success for readers. Offer to help the viewer create similar success for themselves. Lay out a “better way” and quickly invite potential customers to join you on a journey… to teach them how to have that same success.

I’ve done a ton of research on this while building my own business. I’ve discovered all the social media sales examples out there. They all use this technique. And I must say this solution to IS unusual. But once I started applying the idea with my blog sales started increasing.

The “big ah-HA!” was giving customers a taste of “results in advance.” Here’s exactly what I did.

In 1999, I co-founded what became the Google Affiliate Network and Performics Inc. where I helped secure 2 rounds of funding and built the sales team. I've been selling for over 2 decades.

After this stint, I returned to what was then Molander & Associates Inc. In recent years we re-branded to Communications Edge Inc., a member-driven laboratory of sorts. We study, invent and test better ways to communicate -- specializing in serving sales and marketing professionals.

I'm a coach and creator of the Spark Selling™ communication methodology—a curiosity-driven way to start and advance conversations. When I'm not working you'll find me hiking, fishing, gardening and investing time in my family.

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